Professional Team

Our expert team manages every project with a superior understanding of excellence, thanks to the experience accumulated over the years and our innovative approaches in the sector. Each member of Yapsar makes a difference with their commitment to quality and attention to detail.

Creative Solutions

Creativity is at the core of every project design we have. Yapsar leads the construction industry with solutions that transcend traditional boundaries, tailored to individual needs and environmentally friendly.

High Standards

Yapsar not only adapts to international quality standards but also sets its own standards. With an approach that embraces customer satisfaction and sustainability principles, we implement the best practices in the industry.

We Build the Future with the Expertise of the Yapsar Team

Behind every success story, there are professionals working with passion. At Yapsar, we make a difference with our team equipped with experience and knowledge, producing the most innovative solutions in the sector. Aiming for excellence in our work, we offer a wide range of services from construction to project management. The architecture of the future is being shaped by Yapsar today.

Our Partners

Yapsar grows with strong business partnerships. By collaborating with industry leaders at both local and global scales, we aim for innovation and excellence. Each of our partnerships shares our vision of creating quality and sustainable structures, achieving greater successes through this synergy.

  • What are Yapsar's core business principles?

    At Yapsar, we base our work on quality, safety, and customer satisfaction. By prioritizing sustainability and environmental sensitivity in our projects, we aim to offer innovative solutions in the industry.

  • When will your marina and hotel project in Giresun be completed?

    Our Giresun marina and hotel project is designed to preserve the region's natural beauty and is planned to be completed in 2025. The project aims not only to contribute to the local economy but also to revitalize tourism.

  • What kind of projects do you undertake abroad?

    Abroad, we focus on infrastructure and road construction projects, especially in challenging geographies. Using large mole machines, we produce effective solutions even in the most difficult terrains and offer services that meet international standards.

  • What kind of features do you offer in your residential projects?

    Our residential projects offer modern architecture, high quality of life, and comfort all together. We design living spaces with high energy efficiency, extensive green areas, and rich social amenities. Each of our projects is shaped according to the needs and dreams of families.

Are You Ready to Experience the Yapsar Difference in Your Projects?

Yapsar shapes the future of your business with visionary architecture and innovative engineering. Whether it's a captivating marina or a modern business center, each project is a work of art for us. Experience the quality of Yapsar to elevate your business to the next level